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Japan Specialists

Journey to the East is an independently owned travel company providing carefully crafted Small Group Tours and customised Private Tours for travelers from around the world.

We are Japan tour specialists and focus exclusively on experiences that immerse you in the local culture by taking you away from the tourist hotspots and revealing the true heart of this fascinating country. Our long association with Japan allows us to draw on our own knowledge and experience to deliver a truly authentic journey for all who travel with us.

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Our Origins

Over the years, we’ve met many travelers fascinated by the people, customs, landscapes, history and art of Asian countries, but language barriers and unfamiliarity with the cultural context stopped them from making the decision to go. These people were well travelled and inquisitive by nature; all they needed was access to local experts whose country knowledge could unlock a destination and make a truly amazing journey come to life.

We felt there was an opportunity in Japan to offer an small group tour (actually mini tour group) format, which could open the door to some very special discoveries and experiences – something that would appeal to those who enjoy the freedom of independent travel but also want to delve deeper.

Journey to the East was launched in 2012 to bridge the gap between independent travel and the conventional group tour approach. We aim to provide travelers with a more personal and insightful journey through Japan with a friendly, knowledgeable guide at their side.

The growth of in the number of repeat guests and direct referrals from past guest has proven our ideas were right.

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What Drives Us

We’ve had the good fortune to have spent 30 years travelling the length and breadth of Japan. Our natural curiosity to find out what’s around the next corner has meant that we’ve stumbled on some breathtakingly beautiful places. It’s our passion to share these hidden treasures and take travelers beyond the busy tourist spots.

Throughout the journey, we want our travelers to feel comfortable and at ease, knowing they don’t need to worry about the logistical details that can take the fun out of travel. We aim to deliver small group travel itinerary that works seamlessly, yet still allows for an unscripted detour or the time to simply stop, absorb and enjoy. Knowing delivering in a mini group tour format would not be inexpensive, we strongly are driven by delivering great value for money instead.

There’s nothing more rewarding than to see our customers so happy and enriched at the end of their journey that they’re moved to describe their time with us with one simple word – “Wow!”. See what our travelers say about us here: Journey to the East Customer Reviews.

Our Team

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Japan Tour Management operation staff
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Japan Tour Management operation staff
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