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Mizue lives in the mountains of Hyogo near Osaka, and enjoys the mountain life walking her dog early in the morning hearing birds singing in the fresh air.

She was a teacher before becoming an English speaking tour guide, but her childhood dream was to become a  cartoonist publishing in Japanese comic books. She would drew Manga or cartoons all day in class at school until she found English at middle school.

Now, in addition to drawings and paintings, she also appreciates other forms of art such as architecture and interior design. Mizue is happy to share her knowledge of art on a tailor-make tour to match particular inerests of her guests.  She also would like her guests to feel subtle difference of culture between different parts of Japan. For example, Kyoto, as an ancient capital of Japan has a distinct culture compared to its more lively and flamboyant neighbour Osaka. These are just two examples, and Mizue looks forward to showing you many more attractive destinations of Japan to Journey to the East guests.