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Autumn Tours


These Japan Autumn Small Group Tours are designed specifically for one of the best times to see the country. The tours take the fullest advantage of the magnificent Fall foliage and comfortable climate.

The aim of these Autumn Tours of Japan is to show off the best of the autumn colors; be it in a formal Japanese garden, mountains in the Japan Alps, or rural towns and Japanese villages.

The Japanese Autumn Tours offer good variety in theme as well, some regionally based such as Honshu (the main island), Kyushu (the southern island) and Tohoku (northern Honshu). Other themes include Autumn food tours, Autumn Garden and Art tours of Japan, and walking tours with the beautiful Fall colors all around you. Because many of the Japanese Autumn Tours focus on rural and remote parts of Japan as well, they also appear in our Remote Japan Tours page if your interests are on the less touristy destinations.

Japan Autumn Tours are limited to just 8 guests per tour. Apart from the obviously more personal service, the small group size makes it possible to enjoy the ‘real Japan’ in smaller restaurants and visit places well off the beaten path where larger groups just can’t get to see.


 Small Group Autumn Tours, Japan

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2022 Autumn Tours of Japan departures

People often ask us when and where are the best places to go and see the autumn colours in Japan.

The long archipelago of Japanese islands means peak Autumn time is different North to South. That is why each of our Autumn Japan Tours have only one or two departures – to catch the peaks! Our blog about Autumn in Japan discusses more about the best places to visit and what to do in Japan during autumn.

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