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Cherry Blossom Tours


Choosing a Cherry Blossom Japan Tour 2023

Do you want to be in the Land of the Rising Sun at the perfect time for Japan’s cherry blossom tour? We can certainly help you with that!
Cherry blossoms start blooming in Japan in late-March to mid-April and even to early May depending on locations. Naturally the blooms appear first in warmer regions, in the south and west of the country, and gradually move to north and higher altitudes.
If you want to find out more about cherry blossom blooming time, please read “When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Japan?”

Next Departure 24th Mar, 2023
Next Departure 18th Apr, 2023
Next Departure 26th Mar, 2023

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Japan Cherry Blossom Tours 2023 just released!

The famous pink blossoms only last two weeks or less in each location, and blooming timings are slightly different from year to year, so to be spot-on is difficult. However, with our in-depth knowledge of Japan and careful planning, Journey to the East’s Japan Cherry Blossom Tours will show travelers most, if not all, of budding, blooming and falling stages of these delicate flowers during the tours. Seeing cherry blossoms in classic Japanese scenery is certainly unforgettable. Join one of our 8 member Small Group Tours and create the memory of a lifetime.

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