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Choosing the right tour of Japan

Choosing the right type of tour to suits you best. Choosing a right tour is tricky because each tour company presents their tours differently. This blog aims at helping you
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Northern Kansai Region of Japan

Kansai is a region of Japan located in the middle of Honshu Island and includes iconic cities such as Kyoto and Osaka. Northern Kansai is the part of Kansai facing
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Top 5 unusual things you can find in Japan

Japan has a very unique culture, and  there are lots of things you would find only in Japan. If you have been to Japan what did you find the most
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Japanese home cooking recipes Vol.5 – Okonomiyaki

Battle of Okonomiyaki between Osaka and Hiroshima If you have been to Japan and tried okonomiyaki you would agree that it is one of the tastiest Japanese dishes. But did
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Unique accommodation in Japan

There is a wide range of accommodation types available in Japan. You will find thousands of options for a western style hotel throughout the country. However hotels are not the
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Children’s day in Japan

Children’s Day and Golden Week in Japan Japan has a quite few national holidays in May and one of them is Children’s Day (KODOMONO HI ), celebrated on 5th of
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Japanese flowers other than cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms would be the biggest attraction during spring in Japan for many people. However, Japan has many more spectacular flower scenes that can be enjoyed in addition to cherry
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How to enjoy Japanese baths (onsen)

Japanese unique bath (onsen) culture It is known that Japan has a rather unique bath (onsen) culture. In this blog, we talk about; How did the Japanese bath culture start?
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Top 5 important etiquettes in Japan

You are wondering what the important etiquettes in Japan are. Here are the top 5 etiquettes we chose which help you enjoy your Japan trip more! 1. Take your shoes
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