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Japanese flowers other than cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms would be the biggest attraction during spring in Japan for many people. However, Japan has many more spectacular flower scenes that can be enjoyed in addition to cherry blossoms.

Here are some other Japanese flowers you should not miss if you are in Japan outside the cherry blossom season!

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Hydrangea (Ajisai

Hydrangeas (Ajisai) are representative flowers for Japan’s rainy season (usually from mid-June to early July) like cherry blossoms for spring. They usually bloom starting from the end of May through July. You can easily find hydrangeas everywhere, all over Japan. on the streets and in parks. Also, many houses in Japan have hydrangeas in their gardens. They are in many different colours such as vivid pink, light pink, purple, blue, and white. One of the interesting facts about these beautiful flowers is that those colours are depending on the pH level of the soil they are planted in.

Recommend spots for Hydrangeas:

  • Hakone – You can take a “Hydrangea Train” and enjoy the view of beautiful hydrangeas.
  • Kamakura – There are more than 2500 bunches of hydrangeas at Hasedera Temple.
  • Koyasan – You can also view lots of hydrangeas at world heritage Mount Koya from the late June to July.

Wisteria (Fuji

Wisteria (Fuji) in Japan can be seen in full bloom around mid-April to mid-May, just after the cherry blossom season.

One of the best places to view wisteria is the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi prefecture. Ashikaga Flower Park was listed in Top10 worlds’ dream destinations in 2014. There are more than 350 wisteria trees at the park, and flowers begin to bloom in order of colours, pink, purple, white, then yellow. They are also lit up during night time which creates the most magical atmosphere.

The other recommended place to see wisteria is Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka prefecture. The best time to visit is late April to mid-May. There is a110 metre and an 80-metre tunnel of beautiful wisteria you can walk through. This could be one of the most memorable moments during your Japan trip!

Iris (Shobu)

Japanese irises (Shobu) are also a symbol of Japan’s rainy season and can be seen until the beginning of summer. They love a moist environment and grow well around ponds or lakes.

You can enjoy masses of the Japanese iris at famous Japanese gardens such as Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, and Korakuken Garden in Okayama. June would be the best season to visit as Japanese irises are fully bloomed then.

The old castle town of Tsuwano in Shimane prefecture is referred as little Kyoto of San’in region. There, as  you make your way up the stone path, you will see the beautiful combination of Japanese irises blooming and Koi carps swimming in water along the side of the streets.

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