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Category: Travel Tips

Top 5 unusual things you can find in Japan

Japan has a very unique culture, and  there are lots of things you would find only in Japan. If you have been to Japan what did you find the most
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Unique accommodation in Japan

There is a wide range of accommodation types available in Japan. You will find thousands of options for a western style hotel throughout the country. However hotels are not the
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Japanese flowers other than cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms would be the biggest attraction during spring in Japan for many people. However, Japan has many more spectacular flower scenes that can be enjoyed in addition to cherry
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How to enjoy Japanese baths (onsen)

Japanese unique bath (onsen) culture It is known that Japan has a rather unique bath (onsen) culture. In this blog, we talk about; How did the Japanese bath culture start?
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Top 5 important etiquettes in Japan

You are wondering what the important etiquettes in Japan are. Here are the top 5 etiquettes we chose which help you enjoy your Japan trip more! 1. Take your shoes
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Valentine’s Day in Japan

What is Valentine’s Day in Japan like? Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Japan? Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14th around the world and generally people exchange candy, flowers and gifts
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Luggage transfer service in Japan

Q: How does luggage transfer service work? A: We use a wonderful luggage transfer service offered by a Japanese courier company where we can send large suitcases to our next
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Must-try top 5 street food in Japan

On this blog, I will introduce you to must-try Top 5 Street Food dishes in Japan that can be found all year-round. There is a wide range of choices in
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How to get free Wi-Fi in Japan for travellers

One of the most frustrating things about travelling in Japan has been the difficulties associated with communicating home. With 30+ million foreign tourists a year going to Japan, the pressure
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