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Category: Festivals

Children’s day in Japan

Children’s Day and Golden Week in Japan Japan has a quite few national holidays in May and one of them is Children’s Day (KODOMONO HI ), celebrated on 5th of
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Valentine’s Day in Japan

What is Valentine’s Day in Japan like? Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Japan? Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14th around the world and generally people exchange candy, flowers and gifts
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Winter in Hokkaido and Sapporo snow festival

If you are thinking about a winter trip to Japan, we highly recommend you include Hokkaido where you can have the best snow and winter experience! Hokkaido is the northern
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Hanami and Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Needless to say, Sakura (cherry blossoms) would be the biggest attraction during spring in Japan for many people. The cherry blossoms usually start fully blooming in the southern part of Japan around
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Hinamatsuri (Japanese Girls Festival)

What is Hinamatsuri (Japanese girls festival)? In Japan, every year on the 3rd of March we celebrate Hinamatsuri. It is a celebration of girls, and some say this Japanese traditional
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Setsubun in Japan

Setsubun “節分” is the day before the beginning of spring in the old calendar in Japan (This year it was 2nd February). On this day, we throw soybeans to Oni
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Takayama Festival

The Takayama Spring Festival starts mid-April and runs for two days. The centuries old Takayama festival apparently started in the 17th century. There is little documented history about the start of the event,
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Star Festival

July 7th is called Tanabata or Star Festival in Japan. The star festival is celebrated in the streets of cities and towns all over Japan. We were fortunate enough to
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