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Category: Recipes

Japanese home cooking recipes Vol.5 – Okonomiyaki

Battle of Okonomiyaki between Osaka and Hiroshima If you have been to Japan and tried okonomiyaki you would agree that it is one of the tastiest Japanese dishes. But did
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Japanese Home Cooking Recipes Vol.4 – Tempura

Tempura must be one of the most well-known Japanese dishes. It feels so special to sit at the counter of a tempura restaurant to watch a skilled chef frying away
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Japanese Home Recipes Vol.3 – Karaage and Potato Salad

In this issue, I will share with you my Japanese home cooking recipes for chicken karaage and Japanese style potato salad. Chicken karaage is no doubt one of everyone’s favourite
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Japanese Home Cooking Recipes Vol.2 – Dashi

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, I am sure you have heard the word dashi. Dashi is Japanese soup stock fundamental to many traditional Japanese dishes. On this blog,
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Japanese Home Cooking Recipes Vol.1 – Fish

Fish is Japanese people’s favourite protein and we have so many ways of cooking fish. It is spring in Australia and I am so happy to see fresh mackerel and
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