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Japanese home cooking recipes Vol.5 – Okonomiyaki

Battle of Okonomiyaki between Osaka and Hiroshima If you have been to Japan and tried okonomiyaki you would agree that it is one of the tastiest Japanese dishes. But did
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Children’s day in Japan

Children’s Day and Golden Week in Japan Japan has a quite few national holidays in May and one of them is Children’s Day (KODOMONO HI ), celebrated on 5th of
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Valentine’s Day in Japan

What is Valentine’s Day in Japan like? Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in Japan? Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14th around the world and generally people exchange candy, flowers and gifts
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Winter in Hokkaido and Sapporo snow festival

If you are thinking about a winter trip to Japan, we highly recommend you include Hokkaido where you can have the best snow and winter experience! Hokkaido is the northern
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Hanami and Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Needless to say, Sakura (cherry blossoms) would be the biggest attraction during spring in Japan for many people. The cherry blossoms usually start fully blooming in the southern part of Japan around
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Japanese Home Cooking Recipes Vol.4 – Tempura

Tempura must be one of the most well-known Japanese dishes. It feels so special to sit at the counter of a tempura restaurant to watch a skilled chef frying away
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Japanese Home Recipes Vol.3 – Karaage and Potato Salad

In this issue, I will share with you my Japanese home cooking recipes for chicken karaage and Japanese style potato salad. Chicken karaage is no doubt one of everyone’s favourite
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Must-try top 5 street food in Japan

On this blog, I will introduce you to must-try Top 5 Street Food dishes in Japan that can be found all year-round. There is a wide range of choices in
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Christmas and New Year in Japan

Have you ever wondered how Christmas and New Year are celebrated in Japan? As the city transitions from autumn into winter, millions of colourful illuminations are displayed everywhere in Japan,
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