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Yuki Takano

Yuki was born and raised in Fukuoka in Kyushu, one of Japan’s four main islands. After graduating in English Literature from university in Tokyo, Yuki moved to Australia to undertake a Master of Arts degree in Japanese Interpreting and Translation at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. For many years she worked as a professional conference interpreter, servicing clients from the public and private sectors across the Asia-Pacific region and travelling regularly to Japan on assignment. 

Since founding Journey to the East with her husband Col, Yuki has continued travelling regularly to Japan for work and leisure, while managing to find time to continue to explore other parts of the world. She believes her passion for travel and many years on the road have given her valuable insights into the best way to ensure a comfortable, stress-free experience and avoid the travel traps. 

When at home in Brisbane, Yuki loves spending time with friends and family, practising yoga, going to the beach and enjoying long walks through the Australian bush. In Japan, one of Yuki’s favourite experiences is soaking in an outdoor rotemburo bath in winter looking out on a snow-covered forest in remote Tohoku (northern Japan).