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Col Beardmore

Col grew up in Kenya and had an idyllic childhood exploring the nature and wildlife of the African bush. His love of the natural environment kindled in Africa very much remains with him today – he enjoys walking in the bush, practising yoga, spending time with family and fiddling with an electronic gadget or two!

Col spent most of his adult life in Brisbane, Australia, working in the IT sector in sales and marketing roles. His background in IT has given him a strong appreciation of the importance of robust systems and efficiencies in running any business. He also believes that offering something special, backed by impeccable customer service, will bring people back and encourage valuable word-of-mouth recommendations.

An inquisitive person by nature, Col has an insatiable appetite for travel – in Japan alone, he has been to all of Japan’s 47 prefectures and indeed has seen more of Japan than most Japanese! Col loves sharing the beauty of Japan – a favourite spot being Miyajima, a small island near Hiroshima, known for its verdant green forests and stunning floating torii shrine gate.