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Mami Brincat

Mami Brincat, a staff member of Journey to the East

Mami grew up in Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture which is right next to Tokyo. Her passions are travel and food. As much as she loves her hometown, Mami also likes visiting Okinawa Island, the southernmost part of Japan for magnificent views of clear water, their own unique culture, and delicious Okinawan food.

On weekends, Mami enjoys going on bushwalks with her family around Blue Mountains area in NSW, Australia. They would take Onigiri (rice balls) and green tea, and boil water on site to make a perfect cup of tea for a Japanese style picnic!   

Before she joined Journey to the East, Mami worked for a large Japanese travel agency in Japan, Thailand, and Australia as a Travel Consultant. Her passion continues assisting clients to have their enjoyable and memorable holidays.