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Nobu has been working as a tour guide for English speaking travellers mainly in Hiroshima since 1999. In the beginning she was very nervous but loved talking to people from different parts of the world. Now she feels very lucky to do the work she loves.
Hiroshima is her home town and she is very proud to share its history and special spirit with her guests. Miyajima Island is where her father was born and raised, so it is always a joy to show her guests the scenery of this special island and to describe its history and culture. Seeing her guests smiling and relaxing is her greatest joy!

She met Yuki and Col just after they founded Journey to the East and instantly empathised with their personality, vision and passion. Since then she has been enjoying working on their tours and loves JttE guests, finding them very kind, cheerful and humorous. She is especially impressed that a lot of the guests who participate in JttE group tours become great friends really quickly.

She looks forward to meeting her next Journey to the East guests and doing her best to give them a most memorable and enjoyable tour.