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Four Seasons in Japan

You often hear that Japan is blessed with a beautifully distinct four seasons. But you’ve got to experience one or more of the seasons to actually know what it means. Following the ‘Cherry Blossom Spectacular Tour’ one traveller painted a picture of what surprised her.

I knew cherry blossom was pale pink, delicate and beautiful but I didn’t know there are so many varieties. It comes in pale pink, darker pink, almost red, white, greenish white, weeping, multi-layered, low-growing, etc. etc. And when they are planted in mass, the whole atmosphere is smudged in pink. It is just like a dream….

Other comments scattered across our website paint similar feelings about the same beauty that applies to the summer green, to the autumn red and gold, and to the winter white. You will soon run out of words to describe subtle differences in colours and texture. And that is the beauty of travelling in Japan in different seasons. Not does only nature do its magic show, but you will also experience different food and drink, festivals and events, fashion and so much more.

Our seasonal tours, in the Japanese autumn (November) as on the Cherry Blossom tours, visit different climatic zones to follow the changing colours. All the tours in the four seasons are jam packed with cultural experiences and seasonally unique personal adventures, from cooking with Fishermen’s wives to a private tea ceremony to amazing experience of talking with monk at Buddhist temple and more – It is these personal encounters that our guests remember long after the memories of the amazing scenery have dwindled.  And of-course the Japanese cuisine is always a highlight on our tours.

To check out the seasonal options why not start with our small group tours of Japan