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2020 Autumn Tour Launch

Journey to the East is proud to announce our popular series of autumn (fall) tours for 2020. The Japanese have a deep appreciation for the changing of the seasons and an increasingly popular time to visit Japan is during the autumn (fall) colours. From spectacular natural scenery to immaculately manicured gardens the splashes of yellow, orange and red will amaze you.

Our 2020 Autumn Tour series cover a wide range of commencement dates from the beginning of October right through until late November, taking full advantage of the autumn colour front as it moves across Japan. Whether you like appreciating the majestic colours of Mother Nature while walking in the central alps on one of our Active Tours, or if you prefer the more relaxed pace of the colourful and stunning gardens on our Comfort Tours the choice is yours. Based on feedback from our valued clients our tours are continually evolving.

Highlights from a variety of different tours include:

  • Experience an overnight stay at a ryokan (traditional Japanese Inn) on the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko near Mt Fuji.
  • Traverse the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, where we travel across the mountains and valleys by a multi-modal combination of train, bus, cable car, ropeway and trolley bus!
  • Experience the beauty of Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen Garden, a stunning landscape garden in a city commonly referred to as “Little Kyoto”.
  • Admire the craftsmanship and design of the perfectly arranged gardens bathed in colour surrounding the shrines and temples of Kyoto.
  • Stroll through the spectacular National Park of Kamikochi in the Central Alps region.

Small Group Tour Format

Journey to the East are well-known for their Small Group Tour format limited to just eight people. This format enables a more intimate and nimble approach allowing for dining experiences in small locally operated restaurants, and many unique cultural experiences that let you be more fully immersed in the Japanese culture and way of life. We utilise the exceptional public transport system, known worldwide for its punctuality and efficiency, including the iconic Shinkansen (Bullet Train) for many of the long-distance intercity journeys.

Of course, this Small Group Tour format also means that popular tours will sell out quite quickly. So for those of you who like to plan ahead, booking early will ensure your place on your preferred tour.

Further Information

For further information on all of our autumn tours please browse through the comprehensive list here.

If you are excited about the 2020 Autumn Tours but don’t want to wait until next year, then there are a few spots available on our 2019 Autumn Tours, but get in quick!

Journey to the East also specialises in custom Private Tours, which have been incredibly popular during the autumn season for 2019, so if you would like a custom tour tailored just for you and your family (or friends!) at any time of the year please feel free to contact our friendly staff, specialists in tours to Japan.

If you have any questions regarding the Autumn Tours, please feel free to contact us via the contact form, or by phoning us on 07 3368 1966 from within Australia, or our international clients can contact us on +61 7 3368 1966.