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Leisurely hiking in the Japanese Alps

On our research trip to Japan this July we were lucky enough to visit Kamikochi, one of the most scenic spots in Japan. Kamikochi approximates to ‘where gods decend’. It is an area surrounded by 3,000 meter-class mountains of the Japanese Alps, that stretches for roughly 10 kilometers along Azusa River. It was originally a valley that was gradually filled by a copious volcanic activity over 25,000 years and now forms a flat area that is ideal for leisurely trekking for all ages. The biggest attraction of Kamikochi, which is visited by around 1.5 million people a year, is the fabulous view of the majestic mountains and pristine waterways.

Kamikochi is a National Park and caters well for tourists. Walking paths are well equipped and varied throughout the area from boardwalks over ponds and streams to wide paths leading into virgin birch forests. The water is so clear you can watch the trout as they swim by.It is located about 1,600 meters above sea-level and the highest temperature in July is a comfortable 21 degrees, which makes an ideal summer time respite in the midst of hot Japanese summers.

It is also known as a power spot. Mountain climbing was regarded as a practice of natural worship and Kamikochi and surrounding mountains were climbed by Buddhist monks before mountain climbing was introduced as leisure by westerners in Meiji era.

We are very excited to include Kamikochi in our Walking Tours. Keep watching!