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Sachi Nakashima

Sachi was born in Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu and spent her childhood and wild teenage life there. After finishing high school, she came to the sunshine state Queensland, Australia as an international student and studied Tourism Management at university to pursue her career in the travel industry where her passion is. Sachi has been living in Brisbane for more than 10 years now.

When she was living in Japan she never realised how beautiful and convenient Japan was, but she found that seeing Japan from outside is very interesting. She loves showing  her friends, from different countries who she met in Australia, around Japan too.

Her favourite destination in Japan has always been Kyushu, the southern west island of the Japanese archipelago. Kyushu has many faces. It is rich in nature and history, is blessed with many onsen towns and fresh tasty food and most importantly, people are very friendly. She believes interactions with local people and learning about their culture and lifestyle through experiences will add great fun to your travelling,

Sachi loves ramen noodles and has tried many different types of ramen in Japan but she thinks Kumamoto ramen is still the best! Sachi highly recommends you to try ramen if you haven’t yet.