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Keiko Sato

Keiko Sato, JttE Operations Japan member in front of Torii gate

Keiko grew up in Hiroshima and spent most of the last 20 years in Kobe after graduating from university. She worked in the field of foreign languages education and organized study abroad programs before joining Journey to the East. She also lived in Perth, Australia studying for a year and a half.

Keiko has always been a very inquisitive person and enjoyed travelling to many destinations in different styles including camping, hiking, fishing and snowboarding with her six-year-old son, husband and friends. In her spare time, she plays ukulele in a shape of a pineapple, which was brought from a factory in Hawaii. One of her favorite experiences is travelling by train through Kyushu. Riding a steam locomotive from Kagoshima to Kumamoto, exploring Aso, Takachiho, Beppu and Fukuoka. She was surprised by the various faces of Kyushu with amazing foods and people.
Working at Journey to the East and arranging customers’ accommodation, restaurants and activities make her really happy because she feels like she is also traveling with the customers.