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Eri Tamai

Eri was born in Hiroshima but spent most of her childhood in Tokushima on Shikoku Island. She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures. So this led her to move to Sydney after graduating from a university.

She lived in Sydney for almost 14 years and worked for the travel industry for a decade as a retail consultant where she truly enjoyed creating some special moments for clients.

Recently she moved back to Hiroshima with her husband and 2 kids to start a new adventure. After living away from Japan for almost 14 years, Japan feels like a new fun place to be rediscovered again.

Her family loves discovering beautiful scenery, fun outdoor activities and tasting the local delicacies in the cities or towns near Hiroshima. Japan never fails to impress, there is always something unique or amazing.

One of her favourite places to visit is Ibusuki onsen in Kagoshima, the southernmost city on the island of Kyushu. Here you can try a warm black sand bath. Eri found the healing sand covering her body a unique and interesting experience.

Eri started working for Journey to the East in July 2018 as a member of the operation team in Japan, hoping to share some of her experiences and knowledge about Japan.